How to Reach the Right Kentucky Derby Fans

Come Saturday, scores of people will gather together to don their finest pastel, sip mint juleps and, of course, watch the first leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown, the Kentucky Derby.

As we know, the Derby bills itself as the fastest two minutes in sports for a reason – and while television coverage of the event lasts for hours, most viewers tune in around the scheduled post time and are quick to turn their attention elsewhere as soon as the race comes to an end.

That can pose a challenge for advertisers: With limited opportunities ahead of the race, and with no commercials airing during the actual event, how can Kentucky Derby viewers best be reached outside those exhilarating two minutes on the track?

To figure it out, we broke down the Derby TV audience into three mutually exclusive segments: gamblers, sports fans and outdoorsy types. Using the Viant Advertising Cloud, Viant’s people-based platform that consists of more than 250 million registered users, we discovered which advertisers would be best served by targeting those subsets of Kentucky Derby viewers.

Gamblers, who we’re defining as those who have gambled in casinos or like to take part in gaming while on vacation, are most likely to reach for a Corona to bring with them to the tables. They’re three times as likely as outdoorsy types and twice as likely as sports fans to drink Corona.

Of the three groups, gamblers are also most likely to use FedEx as their preferred shipping service. They’re 31% more likely than fans of the outdoors and 27% more likely than sports fans to choose FedEx over other providers.

When it comes to sports fans, who enjoy team sports like football, basketball and baseball, Chrysler would do well to invest. Sports fans are four times more likely than gamblers to own a Chrysler vehicle, and 21% more likely than outdoorsy types to own one.

When they’re out on the road, sports fans are drawn to the Hampton Inn more than other Kentucky Derby viewers – 20% more likely, to be more specific. Diet Coke is a good bet to find in their cars’ cup holders, as sports fans are 37% more likely than gamblers and 26% more likely than outdoorsy people to drink Diet Coke.

Outdoorsy types, those who enjoy outdoor vacation activities like skiing, snowboarding, camping, hiking, water sports and boating, are most likely to drink Bud Light. In fact, they’re 14% more likely than gamblers and 11% more likely than sports fans.

When they’re not looking to partake in an alcoholic beverage, outdoorsy types are drawn to regular Coke. They’re 60% more likely than gamblers and 28% more likely than sports fans to grab a can of the classic soda.


Interested in learning more about what can be learned through Viant’s people-based approach? Check out our latest report, “The Definitive Guide to People-Based Advertising.

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