Q&A: FreeWheel on the Latest Trends in Connected TV

In our latest Q&A, FreeWheel’s Justin Beere uncovers the latest developments in CTV audiences and advertising spend, as well as the KPIs most critical to advertisers.

Back to School Season is Big Business for These Brands

Staples? Best Buy? Lunchables? Using the Viant Advertising Cloud, we deduced the back-to-school favorites of families based on size and children’s age.

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Clear Channel Outdoor’s Wade Rifkin dives into what marketers need to know when programmatic OOH buying is a priority.

The Fan Behind the Mask: Who’s Paying Attention to Comic-Con?

In honor of Comic-Con taking over entertainment headlines this week, we revealed the brand preferences of DC and Marvel movie fans by leveraging the Viant Advertising Cloud.

Grapeshot on Brand Safety Trends, Customization and Contextual Intelligence’s Role

In our latest Q&A, Grapeshot’s Jessica Reid discusses the latest trends in brand safety and customization, as well as the role contextual intelligence plays in the conversation.

The Tiger Woods Effect? Here’s Who’s Watching Golf in 2018

There’s been a jump in viewership of major golf tournaments in 2018, and using the Viant Advertising Cloud, we uncovered just who’s tuning in this year.

Digital Marketing’s Role in the CMO-CFO Divide

Viant’s new research demonstrates how CMOs who prove the value of digital marketing spend will make allies of their CFOs and succeed.

Why and How Culture is Top of Mind at Viant

As Viant has evolved in strategy and scope, we recognize the importance of keeping culture top of mind.

How to Reach the Right Kentucky Derby Fans

With limited opportunities ahead of the race, and with no commercials airing during the actual event, how can Kentucky Derby viewers best be reached outside those exhilarating two minutes on the track? We break it down.

Don’t Make Assumptions About Westworld Fans

Just as in Westworld’s futuristic Wild West-themed amusement park, things aren’t always as they seem. To prove it, we compared Westworld’s viewing audience to that of another immensely popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. Utilizing the Viant Advertising Cloud, Viant’s people-based platform that consists of more than 250 million registered users, we found that those who assume viewers of Westworld are more interested in the show’s major themes might be making a mistake.