New Research Shows Hispanic Americans at Forefront of Media Use Trends

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As the second largest and fastest growing population in the U.S., Hispanic Americans have a growing prominence in American society and are a critically important demographic for advertisers to understand. Recently, our Specific Media brand teamed up with SMG Multicultural to look more closely at online behaviors that illuminate the attitudes, habits and preferences of Hispanic-Americans. We specifically focused on how this key demographic interacts with the Internet, smartphones, tablets and TV in their daily lives.

The survey uncovered themes that show the behaviors of Hispanic Americans are representative of the future of society’s media use overall and serve as a strong roadmap for where the market and industry are headed. To that end, it is imperative for marketers to take note of these trends in order to stay ahead of the curve and prepare for changes in overall consumer behavior.

For example, our research indicates that in addition to leading the adoption of and engagement with mobile devices, Hispanic Americans are more likely to use mobile devices while watching TV to investigate and engage with a brand that was just advertised on TV. This is meaningful insight for brands looking to increase consumer interaction with TV ads.

Other key findings include:
• Hispanic-Americans are leading the adoption of mobile devices as primary tools for online activity
– They spend 42 percent of their online time on smartphones and tablets, compared to 33 percent for non-Hispanic Americans
• Hispanic Americans engage more in multi-screen activities while watching TV
– Hispanic Americans are a third more likely to be online and twice as likely to engage with advertisers online after seeing a related TV commercial
• Hispanic Americans spend considerably more time online than non-Hispanic Americans
– 31 hours versus 21 hours per week, respectively
• Hispanic Americans spend a greater amount of time shopping online
– They spend 6.4 hours monthly compared to 1.1 hours for non-Hispanic Americans
• Hispanic Americans are more engaged with, favorable towards and influenced by advertising
– 36 percent of Hispanic Americans felt smartphone ads often or very often influenced their purchases, compared to 17 percent of non-Hispanic Americans, and 33 percent of Hispanics found web ads useful often or very often, compared to 20 percent of non-Hispanic Americans
• Hispanic Americans are more likely to be influenced by friends and family on purchase decisions
– Hispanic Americans are 74 percent more likely to be persuaded on product purchases by their children, and 28 percent and 22 percent more likely influenced by other family members and their spouses

The Hispanic American consumer marketplace is growing in size, prominence and thus, influence. Brands must pay attention to their specific needs and interests if they want to remain competitive.

Learn more about how to tailor your marketing strategy to attract this group by downloading the white paper here.

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