For Publishers, the Time to Transition Away From Flash is Now

For the digital media and advertising technologies industries, the transition away from Adobe Flash is fully underway. With the passing of Google Chrome’s self-imposed September 1, 2015 deadline, Chrome is now pausing Flash content that is not central to website experience by default across all versions of its browser.

Why is this a big deal for the ad tech and digital media industries? Well, consider this: Chrome is the primary web browser for 64% of Internet users. This means that interactive ads relying on Flash software now won’t display properly in front of a majority of a brand’s targeted audience.

I recently published an article that provided an in-depth look at the comprehensive set of solutions that Viant is providing to our advertisers to help them seamlessly transition away from Flash.

After reading my article, you may have thought to yourself…ok, well that’s great for advertisers, but how is Viant specifically aiding publishers during this period of transition?

What Publishers Need to Consider

As I mentioned in my last article, the switch to HTML5/JavaScript will not be immediate. At Viant, we anticipate that this period of transition could last up to a year.

During this time, publishers will need to ensure that their websites and video players are both compatible with and accommodating of these new types of creative across mobile and desktop screens. Publishers that do not take steps to shift away from Flash risk losing ad revenue.

Many publishers have already implemented HTML5-based players to support mobile browsers, and some are taking steps to integrate these players into desktop browsers as well. Increasingly, publishers will begin adopting HTML5-based solutions across screens, rather than supporting HTML5 for mobile and Flash for desktop separately.

For publishers that need to update their infrastructure in order to offer proper unit functionality to advertisers, there are several JavaScript-based video players with Flash contingency capabilities to consider, including: JW Player, MediaElement.js and Flowplayer.

Reach out to the Viant Publisher Services team to get your JavaScript player certified and avoid any potential loss of revenue.

For display units, Viant suggests that publishers update their creative specifications to explicitly include HTML5 as a supported technology. New ad specs should also include a noted increase in accepted file size, as HTML5 creative is likely to be heavier.

The IAB has recently updated their ad specs to include increased weighting for HTML5.

How Viant is Helping Publishers

Viant’s HTML5 and JavaScript solutions for advertisers can also be applied to publishers seeking to avoid Flash functionality issues on their websites. These HTML5-friendly solutions ensure that brands’ ad units are performing at the optimal and expected levels.

For video units, all of Viant’s VPAID 2.0 units are being upgraded from SWF (Flash-based) to JavaScript where necessary for compatibility with non-Flash video inventory. Non-Flash video files are being encoded for our VAST and VPAID 2.0 units, which require MP4 and WebM video files.

For display units, all rich media and custom display units designed in-house by Viant for third party hosting will be built out using HTML5-friendly assets. Viant will continue to accept Flash-based creative as requested by advertisers or when necessary.

To learn more about Viant’s HTML5 and JavaScript solutions for publishers, I encourage you to download our Shifting Away from Flash FAQs.

With any questions about Viant’s HTML5 and JavaScript solutions for publishers, please contact Viant’s Publisher Services team.

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