Emmy’s vs. Monday Night Football: Which Should Your Brand Sponsor?

At this year’s Emmy Awards, competition isn’t limited to the film and TV nominees (or even who’s deemed to be best dressed).

Instead, the Emmy’s themselves will be competing for viewers with another marquee event set to take place at exactly the same time: the Monday Night Football matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears.

For advertisers, this poses an important question: Which event brings about the best chance to reach your target audience? Leveraging the Viant Advertising Cloud, Viant’s people-based platform that consists of more than 250 million registered users, we uncovered some brands that might be better served sponsoring the Emmy’s and which should focus their attentions on the football field.

We’ll start with viewers more likely to check out the Emmys.

They’re Film Fanatics

Compared to football fans, Emmy viewers spend more time on their smartphones researching movies. In fact, they’re 12% more likely than football faithful to use movie apps on their phones.

These viewers are also eager to put those apps to use; they’re 12% more likely to see horror movies in the theater as well as 9% more likely to check out thriller films.

Emmy Viewers Drink More Beer

Viewers tuning into the Emmy’s have some pretty strong preferences when it comes to beer. They’re 26% more likely to purchase Natural brands beer and 23% more likely to pick up a case of Corona as football fans.

When it comes to non-alcoholic beverages, Emmy’s viewers prefer Pepsi. They’re 10% more likely to buy regular Pepsi, but it’s worth noting that they’re just as likely as football fans to purchase other Pepsi-brand drinks.

Speaking of football fans, they’re next up.

They’re Not Just Beer Drinkers

Football viewers are frequently thought of as beer drinkers, but it isn’t just ales, lagers and IPAs that fill their glasses. Instead, viewers tuning into Monday Night Football are 22% more likely to pick up a bottle of Sterling Vineyards wine and 21% more likely to buy Ketel One Vodka.

What may not come as a surprise is one of their chief non-alcoholic preferences: Football fans are 13% more likely to buy Gatorade than their Emmy’s-watching counterparts.

They Shower With Loyalty

Football fans feel strongly about the brands they’re taking with them when they hit the showers. For example, they’re 28% more likely to buy Head & Shoulders brand shampoo than non-football fans.

In addition, when compared to likely Emmy’s viewers, football fans are 20% more likely to purchase Gillette products for their shaving needs.

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