Don’t Make Assumptions About Westworld Fans

The much-hyped second season of HBO’s Westworld has begun, and advertisers are on the hunt for the best ways to reach the show’s fans. After all, it’s easy to assume they could be heavily interested in some appealing areas for top brands, like technology, travel and virtual reality.

But just as in Westworld’s futuristic Wild West-themed amusement park, things aren’t always as they seem.

To prove it, we compared Westworld’s viewing audience to that of another immensely popular HBO series, Game of Thrones. Utilizing the Viant Advertising Cloud, Viant’s people-based platform that consists of more than 250 million registered users, we found that those who assume viewers of Westworld are more interested in the show’s major themes might be making a mistake.

 GoT’s got Gamers

Despite Westworld’s themes of virtual reality and escapism, the show’s viewers aren’t more likely to own video gaming consoles than Game of Thrones viewers. In fact, Game of Thrones fans are 8% more likely to own an Xbox 360, and 6% more likely to own a Nintendo DS or Xbox One. They’re also 6% more likely than Westworld watchers to own computer games or play video games online.

Tech-obsessed? Think Again

Turns out, it’s would-be residents of Westeros who are the true tech wizzes. Game of Thrones fans are 10% more likely to rely heavily on technology and new gadgetry and 6% more likely to be asked for tech advice by their friends who are looking to buy new electronic equipment or technology.

While fans of both shows are equally into wearable tech, Game of Thrones fans are 8% more likely to track their calorie intake or workouts via an app.

They’re into Politics…

While political conflict and strategy is at the heart of Game of Thrones, it’s Westworld’s fan base that’s the more politically engaged of the two groups. Westworld viewers are 7% more likely to attend a political rally, speech or protest, or to write or call a politician.

…and Travel

One premise we investigated did hold true: Westworld fans are slightly more likely to travel than Game of Thrones fans. They’re 7% more likely to be enrolled in a frequent flyer program, 4% more likely to travel domestically and 4% more likely to enjoy sightseeing while on the road.

Unsurprisingly, perhaps, is that Game of Thrones viewers are slightly more likely to engage with the outdoors while they travel, participating in activities like camping, hiking and boating.

The Best Ways to Get West

Unfortunately for advertisers, HBO doesn’t air commercials. But that doesn’t mean Westworld fans aren’t accessible in other ways. They’re watching plenty of programming on commercial-friendly stations too, including:

1. NFL Football

2. Big Bang Theory

3. The Simpsons

4. Modern Family

5. SportsCenter

They’re also more likely to watch the following networks than Game of Thrones fans:


2. Esquire

3. FOX Business

4. Lifetime Movie Network

5. Destination America

And as far as Westworld fans who are of legal drinking age, they’re 17% more likely to buy Coors, 16% more likely to buy Coors Light and 4% more likely to buy beer in general than Game of Thrones fans. To get their java fix, Westworld watchers prefer Starbucks by 3%.

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