Why and How Culture is Top of Mind at Viant

Why is culture so important to an organization? How can we ensure that culture remains top of mind and that the direct business impact is showcased year over year? Those are questions that companies who understand the value of culture ask themselves each day. As Viant has evolved throughout the years in strategy and scope, the answers to these questions have become clearer.

First things first: As a small company, it is hard to compete with the “Googles and Facebooks” of the world, while trying to remain authentic to who we have always been. Would an in-house gym or a nursery make us an awesome place to work? Is it all about compensation? It varies at each organization, but what remains a constant is employee happiness. Studies have shown that companies with happy employees outperform their competition by 20%. So, what makes our employees happy?

Last year, Viant launched organizational values to its employees, encouraging them to understand the different ways that those values can be embedded into their day to day. Those values are part of our genetic company code and they drive our culture each day. What has always been important to us is that employees feel recognized, valued and celebrated in their efforts and see that there is a commitment to their growth and development. Career development programs, training opportunities (formal and informal), benefits, fun and social events are just some of the ways that we ensure our employees are engaged and enjoy coming to work every day. This, ultimately, is what drives our employees’ happiness.

This year, Viant was recognized as one of Inc. magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2018 – what an honor! Thousands of companies vie to be selected as part of this list and Viant was named one of its 300 winners because of direct feedback from our own employees. This is gratifying recognition and is a true testament to what is at the core of our organization: our people and their values.

The recognition from Inc. is not the pinnacle of our culture achievements, however. It is just the beginning. It is important that we take employee feedback and recognize areas that should remain a focus for our organization as we evolve and continue striving to remain a truly great place to work.

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